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Painful Joints

Almost everyone I know gets pain somewhere, sometimes, in varying degrees or ways. It seems to me after much observation that as humans, we tend to break most often at our joints, where our limbs meet and where our body's qi naturally congregates. We use our bodies all day doing hard work and dealing with stressful situations. There is a lot of pressure on our joints. Hopefully, we take the time to drink some water, eat some healthy food, and rest, but this is not always the case. The joints often take the most abuse, because that is where all of our muscles and tendons ultimately attach in our body. After a long time of use, all mechanical parts begin to break down. They need lubrication, maintenance, and some elbow grease, to keep performing at optimum efficiency. While the body is much more complex and miraculous than a machine, it does have some machine-like parts.

It turns out that acupuncture is great for helping to relieve joint pain in our bodies, even though joint pain arises from many different causes for many different people. This is because an acupuncturist is able to choose different points, and manipulate them in different ways, in order to have specifically different effects on the qi. When the causes of joint pain vary from person to person, the way we treat it also varies.

So for some people, where their joint pain is a result of inflammation for instance, I can use acupuncture to firstly release the heat at the site of the pain, but then needle points which have a nourishing, moistening, lubricating quality. This strategy treats the direct cause of pain (heat or inflammation) and then attempts to take steps to prevent future severity. For other people, their pain is worst when it is cold outside because it constricts their blood flow and makes their muscles and tendons tense up. Using a technique such as moxibustion, we can use warmth to open up the acupuncture meridians and stimulate a freer flow of qi and blood through the limbs and indeed the body as a whole. Some people have very physically demanding jobs, and though they are strong, their limbs and joints hurt at the end of a hard day's work. For them, acupuncture can provide a chance for their body to rest and to nourish itself, while simultaneously releasing trigger points in the muscles which develop after being overworked.

There are many different reasons someone could have joint pains, and acupuncture is an extremely flexible form of therapy. There are tools which are at our disposal to relieve pain and also to nourishing our deeper constitutional selves. As we treat our physical pains, we are also interacting with our mental, spiritual, and emotional realities, in whatever way these manifest for us personally. That we divide them up is one of the things which may cause us the most pain in the end.

Michael Keane, L.Ac.



    Acupuncture doesn t work for everyone, but slightly more than half of patients with moderate OA will experience some benefit, says pain specialist James N. Dillard, MD, former medical director of Columbia University s Rosenthal Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine in New York City.

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      Thanks for the compliment and interest. I recommend which is great resource for in depth articles on Chinese Medicine. It is more geared towards practitioners and some of the articles get more technical, but it can be a really great resource for anyone interested in various Chinese Medicine topics. I plan to write more articles soon as well, and I am also working on launching a youtube channel in the near future where I will make videos about Chinese Medicine, Herbalism, Acupuncture, and it’s theory, practice, and philosophy so check in later. Peace.

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