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After an in-depth, diagnostic dialogue with each patient, I put together a treatment plan tailored to the each unique individual. Treatment plans consist of a course of acupuncture in tandem with other holistic medicine techniques such as cupping, guasha, moxibustion, herbal medicine, and massage, as indicated and when necessary for success.  

Recommendations may lifestyle modifications such as dietary additions or exclusions, exercises, practices, or referrals, as this may enhance the treatment process.  Each visit builds upon the previous ones as things change over time and we move towards balance together.

Acupuncture has powerful effects which have been shown to improve blood flow and dilate blood vessels, reduce inflammation, ease constriction, regulate the neuro-endocrine system, release muscle constriction, and release natural painkillers produced by the body.  These are just some of the ways acupuncture is able help achieve homeostasis and health.